PV2 Road transport

At a glance

  • Parameter values are important inputs to consistency in economic appraisal.
  • Updated parameter values are provided for the full range of road user effects (RUE) components.
  • Vehicle operating cost unit prices are provided for fuel, oil, tyres, repairs & maintenance, depreciation (through new vehicle prices).
  • Travel time values are provided for vehicle occupants (passenger and freight) and value of travel time for freight.
  • Crash costs: average crash costs by injury severity across jurisdictions are provided.
  • Vehicle operating cost models are provided for uninterrupted flow (rural) and interrupted flow (urban) models, in terms of vehicle operating costs and fuel consumption, with applicable coefficients and using an appropriate vehicle classification and with the relationships based on the adaptation and calibration to Australasian conditions of transferrable mechanistic-empirical models.
  • Vehicle classifications appropriate to Australia have been reviewed and a 20 vehicle classification has been selected for both unit values and VOC modelling throughout the document. The classification's relationship with the Austroads 12 vehicle classification is explained.
  • Guidance is provided for practitioners on the indexation of parameter values until these parameter values are revised.