6. Indexation of parameter values

This chapter provides guidance on the indexation of parameter values across all components until a new set of parameter values is released. In all cases, the indices should be applied to the monetary values generated in the document.

This is especially the case with VOCs (cents per km) where the indices should be used to update the total VOC values generated by the models estimated in this report and not applied to the coefficients themselves.

The recommended ABS indices, data series and source databases per component of the parameter values are contained in Table 37.

Table 37: Recommended indices for updating of parameter values
Parameter value component Recommended ABS index ABS Series ID, Frequency & ABS Source Database
Fuel CPI Automotive fuels A2328636K (monthly) (1)
Oil CPI Spare parts & accessories A2328726R (monthly) (1)
Tyres CPI Spare parts & accessories A2328726R (monthly) (1)
Repairs & maintenance CPI Spare parts & accessoriesCPI Maintenance & repairs of vehiclesPPI Road FreightPPI Auto parts A2328726R (monthly) (1)A2328771A (monthly) (1)A2314058K (monthly) (2)
New vehicles Passenger vehicles:CPI motor vehiclesCommercial vehicles:PPI Road freight
PPI Motor vehiclesPPI Vehicle body & trailer
A2328591T (monthly) (1)A2314058K (monthly) (2)A2308487V (monthly) (3)A2305913V (monthly) (3)
Travel time Average weekly earnings, adjusted by:CPI (all groups) if NAGDP per capita (adjusted by CPI to real terms ) A2772123T (bi-annually: May & Nov) (4)A2325846C (1)A2304887J (5)
Crash costs CPI (all groups) or GDP per capita[1]CPI Medical, dental & hospital services A2325846C (monthly) (1)A3604388C (monthly) (1)
VOC models Passenger cars: CPI private motoringCommercial vehicles: PPI Road freight A2326656J (monthly) (1)A2314058K (monthly) (2)

Source: ARRB adapted from ABS

Notes:Jacquie Flintcroft

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  3. ABS Series 6427.0 Producer Price Indexes, Australia. Table 12: Output of the Manufacturing industries, division, subdivision, group and class index numbers.
  4. ABS Series 6302.0 Average Weekly Earnings, Australia: Table 2: Average Weekly Earnings, Australia (Dollars) - Seasonally Adjusted.
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[1] Methodology as outlined in Austroads (2013a).