Appendix C Development of vehicle classification in Australia

This Appendix provides an overview of vehicle classifications in Australia, including the 20 vehicle classification (Thoresen & Ronald, 2002) used in HDM, the Austroads 12 bin classification (Austroads, 2002 and more recently Austroads, 2013b) and the vehicle classifications used in Austroads (2005a).

The Austroads 12 bin classification was developed in 1994 (Austroads, 2002) and then Austroads (2006), with the most recent description of the vehicles in terms of mass and length appearing in Austroads (2013) (column (a) in Table C.1), which also contains references to other vehicle classifications used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and by State and Territory road agencies. The changes in classification of combination vehicles has changed the most, with extensions of these vehicle types also put forward in Austroads (2002). The 20 vehicle classification used in the ATAP parameter values was based on Thoresen and Ronald (2002) and is also used in HDM-4 in Australia(column (b) in Table C.1). Previous updates of unit values for Austroads (Austroads, 2012a) have used the 18 vehicle classification in Austroads (2005a) (column (c) in Table C.1). Designations based on axle numbers have also been used (Austroads, 2005a) (column (e) in Table C.1), while selected vehicle types (8 vehicle classification) have been used in NIMPAC models (Austroads, 2005a)(column (g) in Table C.1).

Table 40: Vehicle classifications in Australia
From Austroads vehicle classification scheme (circa 1990’s)(Austroads 1994, 2002 & 2013b) From ARRB report RC2062 (Thoresen & Ronald 2002) for Austroads. Consistent vehicle types adopted for use in HDM-4 in Australia From Austroads report AP-R264-05 (Austroads 2005a) HDM-4 vehicles (8) adopted for 2014 update to AP-R264-05 Tables 6 & 7 (Austroads 2005a)
From Appendix A – Vehicle nomenclature NIMPAC vehicle types (8) from Austroads AP-R264-05 Tables 6 & 7 (Austroads 2005a)
Vehicle class (a) Vehicle name
Vehicle category
(also Austroads 2012a) (c)
Code (d) Designation
Vehicle category
Vehicle name
1 01. Small Car Small Car C C1.1 Cars
02. Medium Car Medium Car C C1.2 Medium car
03. Large Car Large Car C C1.3
04. Courier Van-Utility Light commercial (2 axle 4 tyre) V1.1 V1.1 Light commercial (2 axle 4 tyre) Light commercial (2 axle 4 tyre)
05. 4WD Mid Size Petrol 4WD Mid Size SUV Petrol
3 06. Light Rigid Light truck (2 axle 6 tyre) petrol 11 L11p Light truck (2 axle 6 tyre) Light diesel truck (2 axle 6 tyre)
Light truck (2 axle 6 tyre) diesel 11 L11d
07. Medium Rigid Medium truck (2 axle 6 tyre) 11 11 Medium truck (2 axle 6 tyre) Medium truck (2 axle 6 tyre)
Small bus Bu Bu1
Route bus (includes school bus) Bu Bu2
4 09. Heavy Bus Large bus (coach) Bu Bu3 Large bus Large bus (3 axle)
08. Heavy Rigid Large truck (3 axle) 12 12 Heavy truck (3 axle) Heavy truck (3 axle)
6 Articulated truck (3 axle) A 11S1 Articulated trucks (3,4,5 & 6 axle)
7 10. Artic 4 Axle Articulated truck (4 axle) A 11S2
8 11. Artic 5 Axle Articulated truck (5 axle) A 12S2
9 12. Artic 6 Axle Articulated truck (6 axle) A 12S3 Articulated truck (6 axle)
10 13. Rigid + 5 Axle Dog Large truck (rigid 3 axle) + 5 axle dog trailer RT 12-2S3 Combination vehicles
14. B-Double B-Double (tri-tandem) B2 12S3S2 B-Double (9 axle)
B-Double (tri-tri) B2 12(S3)2
Twin steer truck + 4 axle dog trailer RT 22-2S2
15. Twin steer + 5 Axle Dog Twin steer truck + 5 axle dog trailer RT 22-2S3
11 16. A-Double Road train (double) A2 12S3-2S3
17. B Triple B Triple B3 12(S3)3
18. A B Combination A B Combination AB2 12S3-2(S3)2
12 19. A-Triple Road train (triple) A3 12s3(-2s3)2
20. Double B-Double Double B-Double 2b2 12(s3)2-2(s3)2

Source: ARRB Group Ltd adapted from Austroads