Public consultations–updates to the Australian Transport Assessment and Planning (ATAP) guidelines

Public consultation of updates to the ATAP guidelines

New draft updates for comment

There are currently no new draft updates released for comment.

Recent draft updates

The following items were previously released for public consultation. The comment period has closed and comments are no longer being sought. The drafts are contained here for reference by stakeholders until the final version of the report is published.

  • Research Report into Road Reliability Measurement—released 30 April 2021 PDF: 9.80 MB

ATAP public consultation process

Updates of the Guidelines occur in line with the ATAP work program. When a new or revised piece of guidance has been developed, it is released by the Steering Committee for public comment. Interested parties can provide their comments and/or feedback to:

The publication consultation process is as follows:

  1. Draft ATAP guidance is released for public comment for a period between 3 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the guidance and the time of year.
  2. Following the closure of the comment period, comments received are reviewed by the ATAP Steering Committee and updates made to the draft guidance as necessary.
  3. The final draft guidance is then approved by the Infrastructure and Transport Senior Officials Committee.
  4. The new or updated guidance is then incorporated into the ATAP Guidelines and made available on the ATAP website. Registered ATAP subscribers are then notified of the publication.


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