Step 7: Performance review and post-completion evaluation

At a glance

Step 7 of the Framework covers performance review and post-completion evaluation. The process covers consideration of:

  • Actual versus desired outcomes
  • Effectiveness of strategies, policies, plans and individual initiatives in achieving performance targets
  • Effectiveness of the entire Transport System Management Framework.

It is important to assess whether each individual initiative met its specific objectives and whether it helped or hindered the pursuit of stated transport system objectives and targets. This should be complemented by a progressive review of the achievement of objectives at each planning level: link/route, corridor/area, network, city/region.

Evaluation should consider questions such as:

  • Was the correct strategy chosen and did the defined network contain the most appropriate corridors or areas?
  • Were the best initiatives selected for the program?
  • Were the initiatives correctly implemented?

Evaluation can identify significant factors that have contributed to differences between actual and desired outcomes. Where these factors reflect the underlying methodology, the Guidelines should be reviewed.

Regular review of the Guidelines and associated methodologies will provide a basis for continuous improvement and development. Any reviews should be undertaken in close consultation with users of the Guidelines.