Step 6: Delivery

At a glance

Step 6 involves the delivery of individual initiatives contained in a funded forward program of multiple initiatives. The ATAP Guidelines do not provide any specific details on this step, but some general comments are made, and other guidelines are referred to.

Individual initiatives are delivered by both government agencies (state, territory, local) and the private sector. Major activities include detailed planning and design of initiatives, construction (of infrastructure), commissioning, risk management and final delivery on time, on budget and to the agreed quality.

Program delivery involves the management of the planned program and its overall budget. Primary responsibility for delivery often rests with state or territory governments. There is also liaison between program deliverers and agencies of the funding government.

The private sector has shown increasing interest in participating in transport activities that were once the domain of the public sector. Private sector operators can facilitate and improve the delivery of transport initiatives through contributions in areas such as funding, risk transfer, entrepreneurial skills and innovation.