1. Introduction

At the end of Step 5 of the Framework, a program of justified and funded initiatives will have been developed. Step 6 involves delivery of the program and the initiatives within it. It incorporates processes for delivering individual initiatives and managing the overall program.

The Guidelines do not provide any specific guidance on this step. For guidance, the reader is directed to the following:

  • Austroads Guide to Project Delivery[1]
  • Australasian Procurement and Construction Council
  • Project Delivery and Management guidelines in each jurisdiction
  • Gateway models (e.g. Victorian and Commonwealth guidelines). These provide quality assurance processes for government delivered initiatives and initiatives delivered through public private partnerships. They are accepted and comprehensive frameworks for ensuring value for money is delivered.

The remainder of this Part makes some general introductory comments on delivery.

[1] Parts 2 and 3 of the Austroads Guide contains relevant material on delivery. As Part 1 of the Austroads Guide states, it does not cover project/initiative ‘initiation’. ATAP steps 1 to 4 provide the relevant process for the initiation of an initiative/project.