Step 2: Problem identification, assessment and prioritisation

At a glance

  • Step 2 of the Framework provides guidance on identifying, assessing and prioritising problems and opportunities in the transport system.
  • Overcoming problems, and pursuing opportunities, moves us towards achieving jurisdictional  goals and transport system objectives defined in Step 1.
  • A problem is a cost to be avoided or saved. An opportunity is a benefit to be gained.
  • The purpose of this step is to:
    • Identify current and emerging problems and opportunities
    • Provide data-rich evidence of the problems and opportunities: their scale, extent, cause, and their associated economic, social and environmental costs — over short, medium and long terms time frames
    • Determine the priority of problems and opportunities — based on: alignment with jurisdictional goals, transport system objectives, policies, strategies and plans; current and future demand; the scale, extent and cost; and whether the problem / opportunity occurs under multiple future scenarios.
  • This step should result in clear statements of problems, and documented evidence of their scale, extent, costs, causes and priority.