5. Evaluation of planning

After reviews at the initiative and program levels are completed, reviews at the various planning levels should be undertaken: link and route, corridor and area.

5.1 Corridor and area

For example, at the corridor or area level, the first step in the review should be to assess whether corridor or area objectives have been achieved. This analysis should be undertaken on a corridor-by-corridor or area-by-area basis, and consider all the initiatives implemented within each corridor or area.

For each corridor or area, actual outcomes should be measured and compared with the desired outcomes reflected in corridor or area objectives or targets. Where there is under- or over- performance, contributing factors should be considered in terms such as:

  • Did the assumptions reflect ultimate reality?
  • Was the analysis based on suitable and reliable data?
  • What were the within-corridor or within-area impacts?
  • What were the off-corridor or out-of-area impacts?
  • Did off-corridor or out-of-area developments have an unexpected impact on outcomes?
  • What were the cross-modal impacts?
  • Did the corridor or area strategy help or hinder the attainment of agreed transport system objectives and targets?

5.2 Network

A similar review process should also be undertaken at the network level through comparing actual network performance with desired outcomes as stated in network targets, and through exploration for causes of under- or over-performance. This requires consideration of all actual outcomes across all corridors and areas.

If actual network performance does not meet the network targets, and hence does not contribute to meeting transport system objectives, several questions should be asked:

  • Were sufficient corridor or area options identified and assessed?
  • Was the focus across corridors or areas prioritised?
  • Was this the best network?
  • Is there a need to review the policy or program (e.g. review the national land transport program)?
  • Is the set of transport system objectives appropriate?
  • Did the network strategy help or hinder the attainment of agreed transport system objectives and targets?

5.3 Integration across transport and land use

In all planning reviews, integrated transport and land use objectives need to be taken into account in an explicit manner. This can be done by considering wider community outcomes such as housing availability and job creation in the areas or corridors under consideration.