4. Integrated planning opportunities

Case study – South Australia Draft Integrated Land Use and Transport Plan

The emphasis on integration and the role of land use planning is (intentionally) evident from the front page and title: ‘Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan’ (ITLUP), not ‘Transport Masterplan’ or ‘Transport Plan’. There is a clear focus on aligning the South Australian Government’s land use vision and transport plan.

Integration occurs at the highest statewide strategic planning level. Readers are immediately guided to read ITLUP alongside the SA Planning Strategy and the SA Infrastructure Plan (see diagram below), placing the Plan’s initiatives within a clear strategic context.

The integration of land use planning was a fundamental principle adopted in the development of the Plan. Land use planning was recognised as a key input and given a dedicated workstream within the development process. This ensured that land use planning objectives were captured in every aspect of the Plan’s development: from setting goals and objectives through to defining the challenges and solutions and drafting and presenting the document. The dedicated team appointed to draft the ITLUP also included experienced land use planners.

Importantly, the Plan is intended to also inform subsequent revisions of the Planning Strategy, creating a feedback loop to ensure integration between land use and transport specific plans.

The delivery of the Plan focuses on putting in place the right regulatory framework. Subject to the consideration of an Expert Panel undertaking a review of South Australia’s planning legislation, this framework proposes to bind the Plan to the South Australian Planning Strategy. The Plan also proposes improved governance arrangements that align multiple levels of government planning with the delivery of land use/transport outcomes.