Appendix C Proposed table of contents for Benefits Management Plan

Section Summary
Initiative or program description Describe the initiative or program, its scope and objectives including alignment to transport system objectives and any workshops carried out to enable completion of the Benefits Management Plan
Overview of benefits Summarise benefits identified and agreed, using Benefits Profiles as references or guides

Describe any techniques used to identify benefits, such as benefits mapping or investment logic mapping
Governance approach

Identify the benefit owner(s) who will be accountable for achieving and realising the benefit

Describe any key steps to realise benefits, and alignment to key milestones

Identify resources, budget and timeframe for benefits evaluation

Define any risk, assumptions and dependencies to achieving benefits

Ascertain how benefits will be monitored, including frequency, data sources and responsibilities

Summarise any handover process and responsibilities

Baseline and performance measurement Describe baseline performance for each recorded benefit and approach to data collection
Appendices Any supporting documentation such as benefits profiles, benefits register, business case