Appendix A Key terms

The ATAP Guidelines contain a Glossary of terms used. The following terms are important to benefits management.

Benefit: A measurable improvement in an outcome perceived as positive by stakeholders and contributes towards one or more transport system objectives.

Benefits management: Benefits management is the identification, definition, tracking, optimisation and realisation of benefits. Benefits management forms an integral aspect of the planning and delivery of initiatives. It has two key elements: benefits planning and benefits evaluation.

Benefits planning: Process to identify and define benefits from an initiative, and plan for benefits evaluation. It can also be referred to as ‘ex-ante benefits realisation planning’ or ‘ex-ante benefits planning’.

Benefits evaluation: Process to confirm that the benefits established and defined in benefits planning are being achieved and that the operational service or asset is running smoothly. It can also be referred to as ex-post benefits evaluation.

Ex-ante: Period relating to before commencement of delivery of an initiative.

Ex-post: Period from delivery of an initiative to end of service/life of an initiative