Appendix E Abbreviations

AAD Average Absolute Volume Difference

ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics

ANPR Automatic number plate recognition

ASGS Australian Statistical Geography

BITRE Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics

CATI Computer Aided Telephone Interview surveys

DOT Victoria Department of Transport

FHWA Federal Highway Association (USA)

FTM Fixed Trip Matrix methodology

GEH GEH formula

ITS Intelligent Transport System

LRT Light Rail Transit

LUTI Land use transport interaction

MAD Mean Absolute Deviation

MAWD Mean Absolute Weighted Deviation

NGTSM National Guidelines for Transport System Management

NZTA New Zealand Transport Agency

O–D Origin–destination

PT Public Transport

RAAD Relative AAD

RMS NSW Roads & Maritime Services,

RMSE Root mean square error

SA1 Statistical Area Level 1

TAG Transport Analysis Guidance

VATS The Victorian Activity and Travel Survey

VKT Vehicle Kilometre Travelled

VTM Variable Trip Matrix methodology