5. Document structure

The ATAP Guidelines have been structured consistently to help stakeholders easily access and understand their content.

Each section of the Guidelines has three levels of content:

  • Introductory material – found in the ‘At a glance’ box at the start of each section or on the first page of content. This simple introductory material is suitable for all audiences and provides an overview of the topic.
  • Guidance material – contained in the main text of a section. This more detailed content provides guidance to practitioners and managers.
  • Detailed and technical support material – found in appendices at the end of sections and in the technical support library. This more complex, detailed and technical supporting information is primarily designed for specialists.

The content of the Guidelines becomes increasingly more detailed as a user moves through these levels.

Structuring the material in this way allows individual stakeholders to:

  • Select a level of information that suits their needs
  • Learn about a content topic step-by-step by working from simple to more detailed information as and if required.