Public consultations–updates to the Australian Transport Assessment and Planning (ATAP) guidelines

New draft updates for comment

The following draft ATAP guidance has been released for public comment:

  • O6 – Alternative Options to Large Capital Investments—Released- 26 August 2019—Comments due 23 September 2019 PDF: 651 KB ReadSpeaker
  • 07 - Cost-Benefit Analysis of Transport Regulatory Initiatives—Released 26 August 2019—Comments due 23 September 2019 PDF: 392 KB
    This is an update of a version released on 9 July 2019. Amendments have been made in the following sections: 1, 2.1, 2.3, 3.3 (new), 3.4 (new), 3.6.

Wider Economic Benefits (WEBs)

Following receipt of public submissions early in 2018 on the public consultation drafts of the KPMG report and draft T3 WEBs guidance the ATAP Steering Committee has been undertaking further development of the draft WEBs guidance.

Once this is completed, a second round of public consultations will be undertaken.

For further inquiries, please contact:

ATAP Steering Committee Secretariat
Australian Transport Assessment and Planning Guidelines
Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities
GPO Box 594, Canberra ACT 2601


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Release of ATAP Draft Content–for review

Further updates of the Guidelines will occur on an iterative basis, rather than in stages, as was the case for the National Guidelines for Transport System Management. To provide transparent and timely updates, the revised content will be released for public comment as it is completed by the Steering Committee. Stakeholders will be advised when draft content is released (see more below).

Interested parties will have 4 weeks to comment on each draft as it is released; comments are to be provided to the ATAP Secretariat, contact details: email or GPO Box 594, Canberra ACT 2601.

Transparent Public Comment Process

  1. Release of new Part for comment 4 week consultation period. Comments to
  2. Close of comments—review by Steering Committee Updated Part approved by Transport and Infrastructure Council
  3. New Part incorporated into Guidelines